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The Mirror Man.

What a stupid title? How can language be oppressive?; a ridiculous notion.

It is not such an obvious idea, but there is clear evidence, both empirical (physical) and ontological (knowledge based/ideas). The preceding sentence is a clear example. A lot of people would not have come across these words before and as a result the sentence has no meaning for them. As a result understanding is lost. In such a chain of events it is not long before genuine choice is lost.

After a while the history of language becomes the history of obfuscation (?), the camouflage of intended meaning, the disguise of simplicity. A lot of this is connected to those who are in a position of power, who are able to educate their young, and those who are not. A cycle develops. The same young repeat the sins of their fathers. They over complicate ideas, flattering themselves that…

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