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Subject: Keep evolution in KY classrooms and tests


Background: Currently, Kentucky has linked its high school state education curriculum to National Education Standards. KY worked with the ACT program to develop state standards. Now, some Republican legislators are upset that the biology section includes evolution but not creationism. They think “Darwin made it up,” and that evolution is “only a theory.” I, the writer of the above petition, am a resident of KY and an evolutionary ecologist, and know very well how important the understanding of evolutionary theory is to understanding biology. The students of KY deserve the best education, not pseudoscience and religion in the science classroom.

That’s why I signed a petition to The Kentucky State House, The Kentucky State Senate, and Governor Steve Beshear.

Will you sign this petition? Click here:






Giulio Tononi’s Phi—remarkable, beautiful, strange. Sort of a novel, sort of philosophical text, sort of a history, sort of a science book . . . I don’t know. Here’s the blurb:

From one of the most original and influential neuroscientists at work today, here is an exploration of consciousness unlike any other—as told by Galileo, who opened the way for the objectivity of science and is now intent on making subjective experience a part of science as well.

Galileo’s journey has three parts, each with a different guide. In the first, accompanied by a scientist who resembles Francis Crick, he learns why certain parts of the brain are important and not others, and why consciousness fades with sleep. In the second part, when his companion seems to be named Alturi (Galileo is hard of hearing; his companion’s name is actually Alan Turing), he sees how the facts assembled…

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This film looks great! Anyone seen it yet?
This week, I will be getting my laptop back.
So, I will be able to post a great deal more
of my own writing. I am frustrated right now at
adding entries on the phone. A real keyboard
again, it’s truly the little things in life.
Anyway, this film, Earthlings, is about how we treat animals
on our planet. I hope interconnectedness is addressed,
as that idea is deeply entrenched in my worldview and
contemplation of what it means to be a living
human. And possibly what it means for the rest of our universe
that each of us exists.
Narrated by Juaquin Pheonix; Music by Moby.
Sounds cool to me!

this we are

inside each brain
beneath foggy skies
across vast vacuum
from a star
that upon expiration
spews forth life
in the form
of hot light;
sails the distance
through the darkness
evolving by increments
back to consciousness-
inside each brain
beneath foggy skies
across vast vacuum
from a star

Have you visited Think Atheist? Please do, if you are interested. Below,or above-hard to edit this blog on my phone, my only internet connection at the moment :), is a link to my page there, and I am so lonely! I’m like the new kid, at the lu
nch table all alone. :C Anyway, it’s a nice alternative to (blank) book, and hopefully it will be stimulating conversation and all that wonderful stuff. This blog is fantastic! You should check it out if you are interested in anything literature related. What a find! Check out my twitter feed, I will RT a link to it there as well. Borges is such a complicated writer, and this is one of those pieces that touches and surprises the reader. It instantly pulls you in, and you connect with his idea of how we are more than one being, but inside one body. This element is essential to the connection between the literary, the body/consciousness, and particle physics… as I understand them, of course. If we can be any number of ‘people’ at once or quick succession, then that must be a sort of super positioning, much akin to particle properties. This can pose interesting ideas for the definition of who/what we are and how we might be at peace with our constant reposition or uncertianty with that which makes us, us; at the core.



The Student Achievement Program

The Student Achievement Program Education Learning StudyingSupposedly the young man in the picture once stated that “Logic takes you from A to B, imagination takes you anywhere.”  His name was Albert Einstein.

It is not the ability to know, to store knowledge, which makes you an intelligent human being. Hard drives are described as many things, but rarely as intelligent. Their ever increasing capacity to store is both their strength and their weakness.

If you currently are using a sizable harddrive, you may share the experience that because of this tremendous amount of information stuck on there – gigabyte upon gigabyte –  organization and retrieval become gargantuan tasks.

Whether they are stored on your hard drive as files or held in your brain as memories, the ability to connect those pieces of information is key to your intelligence. The ability to tell one strawberry from ten strawberries is a simple task; the ability to measure out…

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